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Switching gears

Basecamp to Freedom’s intention is almost 7 months young, and around here, change is always around the corner. You know, words here still have value. Change means change, not Obama change. Democracy means democracy, not a name for controlled opposition.

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Launching, the Facebook for 2012 researchers and preparers, launches today. Go create your account and help building a global community ready to face 2012!

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Sun’s up to something

Note: All images in this post are hotlinked, so this stuff is probably going to disappear in the next few hours.

This stuff is from Copied from NASA GOES telescopes.

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Intermezzo January 2010 by Hannes

At the end of every matrix month one community member picks a tune. Enjoy!

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No posts for a while, you’ll notice. Not to worry though, I have some very good and convincing excuses.

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Cracking the Matrix: January 2010

2010 Predictions: addendum

People have sent in some videos about some other predictions on 2010 that pretty much match our predictions. Others asked, based on our predictions, how many earthquakes on ‘Haiti-scale’ we expect this year. I’d say at least 6 more. Note that not all of them will catch the news, since the number of casualties is more important than the magnitude of the quake. Here come the videos.

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Cracking the Matrix: An introduction

People have asked us that if we are following the ‘Service to others’ instead of ‘service to self’, how it comes it seems we are preparing solely for our own survival. Let’s answer that question straight away: In the process of transforming from The Great Escape in 2008, which was fear based, we transformed – well, let’s be humble – we are transforming to the love side of life. Our service only is for the better of humankind, since 99% of our visitors come here to learn and not to join our community. Read the rest of this entry »

Worldwide internet trouble?

I understand that some might call it premature to write this or that some might find that this is too much jumping to conclusions, but there is something going on in the last 10 days with the internet. Since the magnetosphere data feed shows ‘normal’ figures, I’ll assume these issues are caused by human intervention. Read the rest of this entry »

Why I love the New World Order

For years, I’ve seen days of videos all warning about the New World Order. I’ve read hundreds – if not thousands – of pages about it. After organizing protests and telling people to wake up – and consequently seeing them failing to do so – I think the time has come to switch sides. I realize this might lead to some controversy, especially now when most of the 2012-fear-train-passengers are as brainwashed as the Main Stream Media addicts.

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2010 Predictions: The Year of Realization

Let’s kick-start 2010 with our yearly ‘tradition’ and let us be the first to welcome you in 2010: the year of the Realization! We’ll start with the usual disclaimer, then the predictions, to conclude with an evaluation of our predictions of last year. No matter what you read below, we still wish you a happy new year, and we hope you do realize you are walking on this planet at this specific time for a very specific reason.

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Intermezzo December 2009

A Christmas gift: Timeline 2012

It’s one thing to be a critic of the system the whole time, it’s a completely other thing to try and do the opposite. That’s why I’m going – for once – during the celebration of the Sun’s yearly return, a.k.a. Christmas, to throw my critics pen in the trashcan and just mingle among the matrix-masses for my last Christmas gift. Read the rest of this entry »

Intermission Report V & VI

The times they are achanging. And not in a bad way, I might add. And fast too: this report is about two Intermissions. The storyline of our initiative is becoming more clear every day, and – as time passes by – we appear to be manifesting the right people.

In the meantime we’re still meeting with all members in The Netherlands or Belgium on a monthly basis. The last two Intermissions, we talked about almost everything. We were all very pleased that since October 2009 we’re holding monthly Intermissions. A sign of progress, and a sign of the will to go on. Although rain was all over the weather forecasts for both weekends, there was no surprise there was almost no rain to be seen above the camp when we were sitting around the campfire. Here comes the report – with pictures! Read the rest of this entry »

Another one bites the dust

This post is only to make those (and there are many of ‘those’) people who are hesitating between trusting charlatans or themselves aware of the choice: you do have a choice NOT to jump on this 2012-fearwagon.

I’m going to rant a little bit about a fellow named Patrick Geryl, who lives some 50km away from here. Somebody mentioned that Cliff High, the ‘brains’ behind the fear-pumping webbot project endorses his opinions about a giant cataclysm by end 2012.

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Intermezzo November 2009

And so the 6th Night of the Galactic Underworld begins


The 6th Night of the Galactic Underworld has begun. Gold is at a historic high, all major world currencies suffering from the first wave of hyperinflation (the Dollar not in the least), and Europe (being the middle/pineal gland of the East and West brain hemispheres of our Mother Earth) getting ready to become a (non-democratic) superstate with a president. Not to mention the H1N1 media fuzz also starting in the middle of the real zero meridian. All this promises a fantastic thrill ride for between now and the start of the 7th day, November 2nd 2010.

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2012: movie review


Belgium was one of the first 6 countries to launch the movie. The movie starts like a classical Emmerich movie. Some researcher finds something unusual in the Earth’s core, and then warns a presidential advisor, and in no time the researcher becomes the friend of the POTUS, much like in Independence Day. But you didn’t come here to read the movie. This is the review from someone involved in creating a European “2012” community for over a year now.

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Intermezzo October 2009

Intermission Report IV: The Art of Release


I didn’t notice, but ‘The Great Escape/Basecamp to Freedom’ intention is already 1 year old. A year of constant growth, a year of letting go – in a positive sense of the word – and a year of acquiring higher levels of consciousness. In one year time I passed by many people’s lives. Every person I met felt complete at the moment I met them, but after a while they just seemed to pass by, much like you focus on a distant tree while traveling by train. Read the rest of this entry »

Short news


While we’re still writing the Intermission IV report, just a quick announcement that our Apply page has changed. We added some very useful workshops and made it more clear what we expect from applicants and what they can expect from us.

Meanwhile, Intermission V is planned for the weekend of November 1st. This time it is in the Antwerp region 15 minutes from the Belgian-Netherlands border. If you want to come to this gathering of likeminded people, please apply via our new application page.

The True Man’s Show

truman show or true mans show 2012 preparation

This article wont make much sense if you haven’t watched ‘The Truman Show‘, a Hollywood blockbuster from the late 90’s directed by Peter Weir with Jim Carrey. This is my attempt to get back to the core structure for what we define as ‘reality’ from a programmer’s point-of-view.

Simple question, difficult answer: Define this reality as it actually is, in a way that every clear thinking, non religious, pure non-intoxicated humans no matter their differences can agree on. No human abstractions, nothing ‘religious’, just undress reality as we perceive it today and try to face it with its clothes off. Read the rest of this entry »

Intermezzo September 2009

H1N1 dictatorship just a few coughs away in Belgium

belgian prime minster van rompuy absolute power belgium influenza a h1n1 pandemic

Readers from The Great Escape blog might remember me ranting about the importance of the September 11th date. Guess what happened on September 11th in the Belgian Parliament.

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Automatic writing stuff

2012 automatic writing session

Just came out of my hands. First time, very strange, but sounds true. Oh and, I was already nuts even before this happened. Read the rest of this entry »

H1N1 document reveals Belgian pandemic procedures


One more post in ‘The Great Escape’ style. Don’t fear the fear, just passing the message through here. Sorry for this to be in Dutch, but one of our sources in the Belgian government sent this document to us this afternoon.

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Leaving the matrix ..


As the furniture slowly dissapears from my matix house, leaving me with only the most relevant possessions for my future survival, I experience a strange mixture of feelings about life ahead.  What is it really going to be like living off the land?  Am I really ready to wash in the cold spring waters of a mountain stream and to eat from the bounty of nature?  The first thing I think about is shelter – the kind of dwelling I am going to be living and sleeping in, will it be a place to truly call home ? Read the rest of this entry »

Introductory weekend: 3 – 4 October 2009


We are planning another introductory weekend for all those who feel they are ready to take a step towards joining us and Basecamp to Freedom.

This introductory weekend will be held on 3rd – 4th of October 2009 at a height of around 360 meters, somewhere on the Belgian/Luxembourg border.  You will need to bring your own tent, sleeping bag, warm clothes, and a small amount of food.  There will be additional food, water and camping facilities provided at the location. This is the last introductory weekend for this year. If time allows, there will be a last weekend early 2010. That will depend on the amount of e-mails we get and the state of the matrix by then.

The theme of the weekend will be to explore the essential aspects for making the transition from a plugged-in matrix life to a life of self-sufficiency and freedom – completely off-grid.

If this theme interests you and you would like to engage in an inspiring weekend around this topic as well as meeting us, just send us an email and we will most definitely keep you posted!


Backpack action for 2012 survival

Welcome to September 2009. One of the last months for us in the matrix. Making the decision wasn’t easy. But now I am relieved. I look at the people in the shopping streets, walking around like chickens without a head, trying to buy their misery away in overpriced worthless-throw-away-goods-shops. I must say, it is a relief to know I am going to walk away from this paradigm. It looks like people are paralyzed. They are so subconsciously shocked they can’t move anymore. This is an update on how we are doing and going to do things in the very near future. Read the rest of this entry »

Intermezzo August 2009

How the tribe works


Forming this tribe is an adventure on its own. Whatever future has in store, this tribe – our tribe needs to have the will, courage and fitness to conquer the challenges ahead. Just in case you were wondering how mature our tribe was, or how you should start your own, here’s a little free experience. Meanwhile the decision has been made to leave before year’s end. We urge all interested people to get in touch. Just a small chat is enough to know if it can click or not. Do not evaluate this blog as your first ‘impression’, but the people behind it.

Why the urge?
First of all you probably noticed how the 2012 date is being slammed around your ears. The 2012 drill is – just like Al Gore’s “An Inconvenient Truth” – to give a (false) explanation to the ever increasing Earth changes. But more likely the 2012 date is built to make sure people don’t prepare right now, but wait two more years. If you just look for one second, everything present in the news is building up to a point where you as a person will lose your freedom. This is because only few will be welcome in government prepared bunkers, the others need to stay matrix-hypnotized as long as possible (e.g. believe in an economic recovery etc.) and be killed before whatever is in store happens, so the elite doesn’t have to worry about an angry and hungry populace, and can focus on the cataclysm.

That’s why it’s urgent, and definitely not why we leave. The burden of this event will have to be carried by anyone, no matter where he or she lives. The real choice you can make is whether you make it on your own, your skeptical families or with a prepared group.

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This good Earth!


Of the almost 39 years I have been on this planet, almost 25 of those years have been spent living in a city environment.  Never in all that time did it strike me that this was not a natural environment for me to be in as a human being! Having vast quantities of shops close at hand, many matrix distractions to entertain me and immediate access to nearly everything my heart could desire, who was I to complain?  Looking back, it seems incredible to me that all the rubbish I created as an unconscious consumer was simply collected and taken out of my sight to a place I didn’t have to know or worry about, as long as I paid my taxes on time.  Little did I know that it was often to some beautiful part of the countryside to be tipped into a landfill with millions of other tons of rubbish created by millions of  other unconscious consumers also willing to pay their taxes on time.  If only I had know then what I know now, my life would have changed track along time ago! Read the rest of this entry »

Invitation August 22nd 2009


We’re firing things up a bit. Everyone in Belgium/The Netherlands curious about our adventure/preparing their own adventure is invited to contact us.

We’ll do a full weekend with most of the Numbers present in Belgium to share knowledge and meet new friends. Since we are the small percentage of the population we thought this might be a good initiative. So the first mission is not to gain new members or to convince you, it is that face to face meeting the internet just can’t give you. Read the rest of this entry »

A very warm welcome


A warm welcome to Basecamp to Freedom. We are a ‘2012 survival group’ of prepared citizen from Belgium and The Netherlands getting self-sufficient for the troubled times ahead. Instead of seeing it as a depressing future, we take it as a challenge. We were born for this job. Read the rest of this entry »