A very warm welcome


A warm welcome to Basecamp to Freedom. We are a ‘2012 survival group’ of prepared citizen from Belgium and The Netherlands getting self-sufficient for the troubled times ahead. Instead of seeing it as a depressing future, we take it as a challenge. We were born for this job.

Readers coming over from ‘The Great Escape’ blog will notice this blog is quite different. There will be far less blogging going on here, because from now on, we will start doing things, rather than talking about them. That means more survival content, less news/conspiracy stuff. In short: Basecamp to Freedom is more website than blog.

You need to be blind not to realize this is a paralyzed reality – the matrix, and utterly stupid not to prepare for a life without the current life support system.

Why this change you still ponder? Well, although it is fairly addicting to read and write about the escalation of the Swine Flu, the death of the Dollar or the dramatic changing weather/climate, it is unwise to spend that much time on it. There probably is something like the illuminati, they probably have underground bases, there are probably interferences between them and other species, and since no one can prove Earth is solid, it might be hollow. But does your life make any progress by repeating this over and over again?

It is in the interest of clever time-management to focus on how we can grow our own food, make pottery, clothing, weapons, how to store food for the winter or find a suitable terrain.

So we hope you enjoy reading about our progress as we move to our Basecamp to Freedom. As you will learn, this base camp is becoming quite real indeed.

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