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Of the almost 39 years I have been on this planet, almost 25 of those years have been spent living in a city environment.  Never in all that time did it strike me that this was not a natural environment for me to be in as a human being! Having vast quantities of shops close at hand, many matrix distractions to entertain me and immediate access to nearly everything my heart could desire, who was I to complain?  Looking back, it seems incredible to me that all the rubbish I created as an unconscious consumer was simply collected and taken out of my sight to a place I didn’t have to know or worry about, as long as I paid my taxes on time.  Little did I know that it was often to some beautiful part of the countryside to be tipped into a landfill with millions of other tons of rubbish created by millions of  other unconscious consumers also willing to pay their taxes on time.  If only I had know then what I know now, my life would have changed track along time ago!

Initially I joined The Great Escape because I took a really good look at what was happening in the world and came to the conclusion that  it was simply a BIG disaster waiting to happen and definitely something needing to escape from. Many of the other members felt the same way. We had a multitude of reasons and a whole lot of evidence for wanting to ‘get the hell out of here’.  This was indeed the initial impulse for the first community of individuals to gather together for The Great Escape and it was our prime reason for seeking a place to escape to, and preferably as fast as possible.

But as the months of preparation have passed, we have seen our tribe of escapists move away from running to the hills towards an emerging desire to reconnect with nature as a responsible and self-elected way of life.  These feelings have strengthened as deeper new ways of looking at things have emerged in both our individual and collective processes. Basecamp to Freedom is now about co-creating the future we choose to live instead of running away from the life we no longer want to live. This is a very big shift and a welcome experience for us all!

Moving out of the energy of Escapism and into the energy/law of Attraction has pretty much changed our views on everything we were previously focused on. Of course this doesn’t mean that the world is no longer a BIG accident waiting to happen, it IS, but we will no longer be giving any of our focus or energy to the frightening, dead-end path the world is currently headed on. We have simply chosen to take back our personal power by becoming conscious creators on the road to freedom, health and happiness which is the birthright of ALL human beings.  We are all self-elected in this task and this is what we  most want to do with the time we have left on this good earth. We are now solely focused on making our project Pro-Life and we will be using our last months in the matrix to focus on this empowered, evolving aspect of our collective journey …

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