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Forming this tribe is an adventure on its own. Whatever future has in store, this tribe – our tribe needs to have the will, courage and fitness to conquer the challenges ahead. Just in case you were wondering how mature our tribe was, or how you should start your own, here’s a little free experience. Meanwhile the decision has been made to leave before year’s end. We urge all interested people to get in touch. Just a small chat is enough to know if it can click or not. Do not evaluate this blog as your first ‘impression’, but the people behind it.

Why the urge?
First of all you probably noticed how the 2012 date is being slammed around your ears. The 2012 drill is – just like Al Gore’s “An Inconvenient Truth” – to give a (false) explanation to the ever increasing Earth changes. But more likely the 2012 date is built to make sure people don’t prepare right now, but wait two more years. If you just look for one second, everything present in the news is building up to a point where you as a person will lose your freedom. This is because only few will be welcome in government prepared bunkers, the others need to stay matrix-hypnotized as long as possible (e.g. believe in an economic recovery etc.) and be killed before whatever is in store happens, so the elite doesn’t have to worry about an angry and hungry populace, and can focus on the cataclysm.

That’s why it’s urgent, and definitely not why we leave. The burden of this event will have to be carried by anyone, no matter where he or she lives. The real choice you can make is whether you make it on your own, your skeptical families or with a prepared group.

The purpose
This tribe is where the group members intend to live on one property during a SHTF (Shit Hits The Fan) or EOTWAWKI (End Of The World As We Know It) event and aftermath. Though they may be several separate families they must act and function as one extended family; not an easy task. It is not a new concept of course.

Over the last 30 years, many survival groups formed, fractioned and dissolved. About the only arrangement that worked is where group was already a “group” before it purchased the retreat land; where they formed common bonds of kinship and or friendship decades before and where, usually quite literally, one big family.

Meeting on the net and making this work with them is pretty much impossibility and getting financially knit together with people you do not know well is never a good idea and could be very dangerous.

Most survivalists that have already made the move out of the cities, soon realize the need for a group of people to depend on- a retreat group or survival group- to up there own chances of survival. A lone family will not have the manpower to post a 24/7 security, let alone all the skill sets necessary for long term survival. Rural survivalists need to network and develop a retreat group for the purpose of having extra folks for help and security at their retreat when the time comes. If done correctly, this sort of arrangement can work and be beneficial to both parties. The big city survivalist now has a bug out location he can escape to and the country survivalist now has extra help around for security, food production efforts, etc.

Dangers and disadvantages

  1. First and foremost the country survivalist must be VERY careful in selection of prospects.
    1. Consider that you will be living with these people for a long period of time, under difficult circumstances.
    2. If you can’t stand to be around anyone of them for a long weekend, he’s going to be impossible to live with for an extended period of time.
  2. Most people can and will “fake it” to some extent during your first initial meetings.
    1. Spouses and children will be on there best behavior.
    2. Serious family issues, abuse of alcohol, racism and religious biogenesis will be hidden.
    3. I believe that time is the only thing that will expose these issues to be seen.
    4. Look for any warning signals during the first initial meetings; take your time and proceed with caution if and when these signals arise.
  3. Communicate your requirements for the group.
    1. Do not include information that would be a security risk to you or is unnecessarily personal at this point.
    2. Have a general guideline of what is expected in terms of behavior, responsibilities, conduct, and material contributions.
    3. Go in with the understanding that some of this will be negotiated compromises and will, likely, have to be revised from time to time.
    4. Have the list of guidelines in written form when you discuss it and have a signoff procedure so no one can always claim; “I don’t remember that”.

Just what sort of requirements for the group should you communicate your prospective members and how would you lay them out?

  1. Requirements for group participation
    1. Time requirements- meetings & exercisers- times per month or quarter
      1. To discuss group issues and projects
      2. For group security practice and maneuvers, fire arms practice
      3. Maintenance and repair of the retreat if appropriate.
    2. Weapons, gear and supply requirements should also be laid out
      1. What weapons types and calibers are acceptable
      2. How many rounds of ammunition for each firearm, and what form
      3. How much food each family should have.
      4. What types of camping, military and personal gear are required.
      5. When the requirements need to be completed.
    3. All monetary requirements per person or family per year
      1. To help cover the costs of ammunition and materials for training events.
      2. To help with property taxes, up keep and improvements.
  2. Acceptable behavior amongst group members and outsiders
    1. You may not be able to legislate ethics and morality but discipline must be maintained and you can define minimum requirements, expectation and the consequences of violating the rules.
    2. How members shall share in the labor essential tasks and in the support the defense of the community in a survival situation.
    3. Many people simply to not share your basic concept of behavior, morality and ethics and these issues must be brought out, sorted out and, where possible, compromises and agreements made.
    4. Family units should be respected and held responsible for their members.
    5. Recreational intoxication with drugs and alcohol must be addressed or forbidden.
    6. Some governing structure should be provided, both for peacetime and eventual combat time.

The reasoning behind laying these things out is that you may very well be living with these people for an extended period of time, possibly years, in tense, if not desperate, circumstances. You MUST be able to trust and live with them. People are going to get irritable and upset with one another. This is human nature. You are going to have argument and temper blow ups; they must be handled. A group is much more like an extended family than a military unit but there maybe times when drill sergeants will be necessary.

Bad behavior should not be ignored. It will send a wrong signal to both the group and the one doing it. It will cause the harboring resentment against him, and your leadership, as well as, bad example for you other member, especially the children.

In short, true human behavior is the key to the survival of your survival group; forbearance, tolerance, tact, and foremost compassionate and empathic. Listen patiently and carefully, speak softly and with thought, be quick to apologize, and quicker to forgive.

You are Survivalists, yes, but you are Humans first. When you get to the other side, whether it be 6 months or 6 years, you need to have your family survive in more than flesh and blood.

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