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Welcome to September 2009. One of the last months for us in the matrix. Making the decision wasn’t easy. But now I am relieved. I look at the people in the shopping streets, walking around like chickens without a head, trying to buy their misery away in overpriced worthless-throw-away-goods-shops. I must say, it is a relief to know I am going to walk away from this paradigm. It looks like people are paralyzed. They are so subconsciously shocked they can’t move anymore. This is an update on how we are doing and going to do things in the very near future.

Alpha and Beta teams
We came to the conclusion that it is now time to find a location. The location will be within Europe. This fall the Alpha team leaves for the forests and the mountains. Primary mission is to gather intel on the location, population, political and law enforcement situation, sustainability and mostly to check how tough the winter will be. Another chapter of Alpha team’s mission will be to check for other tribes forming in the area with whom we can/will merge during the following years.

The Beta team remains in Belgium and The Netherlands till the Spring of 2010. Their primairy function will be to support the Alpha team with the right knowledge and questions. This winter some Beta Team members will join the Alpha team in order to help out with bigger reconnaissance missions. Based on this experience, we will then be able to finetune the whole plan, before we actually leave next (early) Spring.

These plans assume the further and slow self-destruction of the matrix. In an event of a cataclismic or catalysing event before the Spring 2010 ‘jump’ date, we will immediately move to the location of the Alpha team. These events may be a Swine Flu pandemic (or the governmental forced vaccinations against it), the second manufactured wave of the banking system, severe natural hazards in Belgium and The Netherlands (hurricanes, flooding, ..), sever food shortages, civil unrest, closing the inter-Eu borders for whatever reason or a combination of those.

Angry Mother Nature
Last month we had the highest record ever in M6+ earthquakes. NASA data from the SOHO Lasco C2 and C3 looked more photoshopped than ever, still here in Belgium and The Netherlands it’s just a plain hot summer. A hot summer in the first year after the deepest solar minimum in recorded history. And nobody looked surprised when temperature fell another 11°C in just 25 minutes (!). No that’s just normal. And here is hurricane Jimena!

Here we look at the big picture, our timespan to look at these abnormal nature changes is with frames of 5 years. Given the fact that an average solar cycle lasts between 7 and 15 years long, that gives us a pretty sharp resolution.

We had extreme hurricanes, tsunamis, and now a record (and ongoing) sequence of earthquakes. If there are more or less, doesn’t really matter. Sure this matrix works in quantity instead of quality, but if you look at the total amount of energy released in KiloJoules (Kj) with the quakes and the hurricanes, the data speaks for itself. Want to see it the matrix way? Check at the amount of money spent at rebuilding the destructed areas due to natural hazards over the last 10 years, and compare it with the 10 years before. Send your findings to or

I’m again sorry to say, but you have to be both stupid and ignorant for NOT SEEING THIS and dotconnecting it. No, blame it on our cars and factories, but keep consuming is the solution? And let’s shut up about the religious wars that certainly don’t pollute, the 200,000+ people being born every single day farting the atmosphere full of CO2. Oh, and keep building those square shaped energy emitting houses instead of igloo/dome type energy efficient ones. Come on! What needs to happen to make people see this? Maybe some more videos like this (useful contribution from a Belgian reader)

Disconnecting, gear and The Force
Staying in this consuming madness is just not for us anymore. Agreed, it will be a total new situation. From a a government/employer being responsible for us, to a complete self responsible system. It will be tough. Having a child to feed will put life in a different perspective. But the most important thing is we have the Force with us.

So how is the action going? We currently create our own medicines based on herbs. Works pretty well, smells a lot worse, but way more effective than the petrochemical stuff. Average members invested between 500 and 1500 euro in survival gear, including but not limited to:

  • 4 seasons tent
  • sleeping bag (comfort zone up to -20°C minimum)
  • inflatable mattress
  • hi quality backback (women 55L – men 75L)
  • small backpack for hit-and-run missions in case of TSHTF missions
  • 4″ or 7″ carbon knife + grinder
  • tool (Leatherman, Victorinox, ..)
  • saw, shovel, hammer, (pick)-axe
  • mini survival kit
  • analog compass
  • First (and second) Aid kit
  • durable clothes
  • thermic underwear for women
  • magnesium firestarter
  • binoculars
  • hiking boots (waterproof) + good hunting knee-socks
  • rain-wear (KW, Gore-Tex)
  • drinking bottle
  • telescope
  • seeds (herbs, plants and most eatable vegetation)
  • library (books about construction, aura healing, math, physics, natural medicine, agriculture, etc)
  • multimeter (V (AC, DC), A, Ohm, °C)
  • thermometer
  • signal and shaving mirror (for make up? ;) )
  • lashing rope
  • etc..

Gear alone is nothing, without the knowhow and practical experience to use it. That’s why we don’t have time to blog anymore. During the week we are planning the next trip, in the weekend we are doing survival in the wild.

Male and female aspects
One thing is becoming very apparent in our group: the men are peace warriors of the soft kind, but they are prepared. They have a practical insight in construction and food harvesting while trying to provide security and stability. The women are more like witches, specialized into healing, cooking, astral power and are group gluers, while looking for the security and stability men provide.

One thing became very obvious for me during this adventure: I let go of the “men and women are equal” paradigm. Where men carry binoculars, women are clairvoyant, where men can apply first aid, women can make medicines and carry out hand healing. The relationship between men and women changed from equal to complementary. One doesn’t survive without the other. But apart from the sexes, the complementary theory goes up for every member of this group, every child and grown-up all add something in the mix. That’s why this is the coolest thing I’ve ever done and seen in my whole life.

Interested? Come along
We know there are several people looking out for a well prepared ‘2012 survival group’. It is not up to us to pretend we are the group you are looking for. However, you cannot judge this group by just visiting this blog. If you live in the proximity of Belgium or The Netherlands, you should seriously consider to contact us.

Meanwhile, the different menus have been updates with more information in reply to the different questions. We added a ‘guestbook’ we call ‘The Wall‘ where you can have your say.

We are organizing another ‘contact weekend’ early October. More details will follow soon.

So far
Now the shots has been called, I have to admit, it feels surprisingly lighter than I thought. I’m not really worring about the unplugged life. The biggest challenge is going to be food. We’re going to have food, not a doubt, but the key important thing is to have a variety of food.

Let me put it this way, it feels like I sailed the rough oceans, and now I’m getting at the roughest part. Seeing this era we all call 2012 as the harbor (2014 is more likely), my autopilot took over control and guides me through it. If you’re still reading along since September 2008, when ‘The Great Escape’ started, then I’m sure it will happen to you too. It looks/feels like a really big and heavy decision, but it actually isn’t. After all, what do you have to lose? A bunch of matrix friends talking about money, careers, cars and money, or some family members who declare you crazy? …

What you have to gain on the other hand…

Number 8

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