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As the furniture slowly dissapears from my matix house, leaving me with only the most relevant possessions for my future survival, I experience a strange mixture of feelings about life ahead.  What is it really going to be like living off the land?  Am I really ready to wash in the cold spring waters of a mountain stream and to eat from the bounty of nature?  The first thing I think about is shelter – the kind of dwelling I am going to be living and sleeping in, will it be a place to truly call home ?

I am starting to imagine what this life will look like, after all these months of just talking about it – things are slowly taking shape now.  I can somehow already SEE myself there, in this new life. I look a little windswept and my clothes are all pretty scruffy. My hair has definitely seen better days and my teeth look like they need a good clean – but most of all I am happily ALIVE!

It is this vision of deep-rooted happiness about being ‘Alive’ that most invigorates and excites me.  I know it will be hard work chopping wood and fetching water everyday for the rest of my life.  I know there will be days when I wonder perhaps where the next meal will be coming from or the next pair of shoes.  But these are just some of the challenges that belong to a life of fully-fledged freedom. And it is this freedom that I now thirst for – for it belongs to my soul!

A brilliant Russian author once wrote these words:

” I believe that personal freedom is not possible without economic freedom.  A working family, even one living in a modern city appartment – CANNOT BE FREE, dependent as it is on an employer who determines one’s salary, on utility companies with the power to supply or withold heat, water and electricity, on the availability of groceries and on the prices of food products and consumer services. The family is a slave to all of these and the children in such a family are born into a slave mentality.”

There are just so many layers to this adventure called Basecamp To Freedom.  Personally I believe that it starts with a deep-seated desire to want to live freely and fully on this good earth, to be Captain of one’s own ship and Commander of one’s own soul.  To be able to love the earth as the bringer and giver of all life and to feel connected to that truth …

It is about reconnecting to the powerful experience called being ALIVE and re-learning how to live as a human being upon the land, in trust and in harmony with all of nature.  This is the vision that I carry with me as I leave the matrix for my new life .. knowing that it will be hard and probably extremely challenging at times.  But there is a deeper glue which binds me and all of this together – and this deeper glue is called DESTINY.

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