H1N1 dictatorship just a few coughs away in Belgium

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Readers from The Great Escape blog might remember me ranting about the importance of the September 11th date. Guess what happened on September 11th in the Belgian Parliament.

The minister of health announced a law proposition with some very vague powers handed over to the guy above: Herman Van Rompuy, prime minster (without election) of Belgium empowered by King Albert II.

Document 52K2156001 (Dutch/French), that everyone can download from the Belgian Parliament website clearly states that the King (represented by the dude above) receives special powers in case of a H1N1 pandemic/outbreak this fall. The law only needs to be enforced by parliament after it is being implemented. The special powers terminate on July 31st, 2010, that’s 24 days after the webbot predicts another heavy turning point in international tensions.

The special powers include: direct control over the medication supplies, direct control over who’s going to be receiving those meds (they never use the word vaccinations of course), direct control over blood transfusions, and any other regulations he may see fit…

It’s great to see our other wise lazy and completely incompetent government seeing so suddenly concerned about our health.

Nice to see the matrix is on schedule down to chaos. In the meantime we’re doing great. We’re having our first issues of the ‘dimension clash’: conscious co creation, hyperchroniacs (waking up at 6:30, and when you go back to bed it’s just 1:14), telepathy and even telekinetics (switching radios, computers and internet connections on and off with your mind).

It’s a great time to be alive, whatever’s coming is going to blow (y)our mind.

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