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truman show or true mans show 2012 preparation

This article wont make much sense if you haven’t watched ‘The Truman Show‘, a Hollywood blockbuster from the late 90’s directed by Peter Weir with Jim Carrey. This is my attempt to get back to the core structure for what we define as ‘reality’ from a programmer’s point-of-view.

Simple question, difficult answer: Define this reality as it actually is, in a way that every clear thinking, non religious, pure non-intoxicated humans no matter their differences can agree on. No human abstractions, nothing ‘religious’, just undress reality as we perceive it today and try to face it with its clothes off.

You can take it as ‘reality-debunking101’, and debunk the following statement: “This world/planet is nothing more than a sandbox kindergarten, where we – as mankind – designed/controlled by ‘a director’ to provide a daily amusement story.”

On a physical level this means that our sky with the moon and the stars are projected above our head. Good, so now all the people with a lack of imagination/patience stopped reading.

If you ever did some thorough research into NASA and the whole Moon/Mars/other programs, and discover all the lies they set up, you might wonder if *anything* they ever told holds some truth to it somewhere? Have you ever wondered why the world seems so perfect, yet we as humans did almost nothing to enhance that perfectness?

I got my inspiration from The Truman Show. Besides that, I have to admit that I already had that idea before I ever saw the movie. If you want, you can think that the Hollywood movie had a hidden message in it. Truman Show > True-men show. But hey that’s impossible since Truman is the movie’s main character. Lot’s of triangles and obelisks in it too, but that is besides the point.

As I wrote above, you have to realize the impact of religion. Religion is powerful as proven by the little history we can confirm from our grandparents and by the day to day shape of the world. Religion is everywhere. The “Good and bad” paradigm were created in this sandbox to make sure there would be some entertainment.

Religion is unquestionably believing everything they tell you. In other words: everything you have to believe because others told you to believe it (and due to herd-mentality and peer pressure you’re very likely to indeed believe it and accept it as a ‘natural’ process). So if a human child would be a computer , then religion would be a software program. Average people are not astronauts nor Einsteins, nor Newtons. They went to school for 12 years where they were brainwashed through a exams system. Every paradigm a kid of 5 years old opposes/doesn’t have is a constructed and fully operational paradigm by the age of 18.
If you can call the global functioning of humanity as the matrix program, and every individual as a program, you can build up a list of all installed software during the 12 years school of the computer. Just a list what I can come up with right here right now:

  • Earth is round and solid
  • Earth rotates around the sun
  • Moon rotates around the Earth
  • School is good for you
  • You have to work hard to make a decent living
  • You must obey authority in order to be a free person
  • You have an identity which you have to defend
  • You may not steal
  • Earth the Universe were created by a Big Bang
  • We became who we are through ‘evolution’, that’s just a cool word, but don’t get philosophical about it.
  • Money is made by the state/governments
  • You should use money wisely
  • You were born on this planet, but that doesn’t give you the right to have a roof above your head or to eat. But:
  • Humans are different from animals: we have intelligence, they don’t
  • Bankers are wise people where your money is safe
  • Wars are necessary to achieve peace
  • You need to be vaccinated if you want to be healthy
  • You will pay 33% taxes on what you make and 21% VAT on whatever you purchase with the other 66%, this is necessary, its for the common good. We don’t
  • Martin Luther King, Malcom X, and many other peace and equality advocates who challenged the system were killed. If you want to live a long life, obey the rules, do not challenge the paradigm.
  • etc…

You catch the drift. If you deny any of the above: goodbye, and have a nice life. The others, come with me down the rabbit hole. Take a new red pill every new paragraph.

Software packages and the software company
You know that all science, all economy and all religion are religious a.k.a. installed software packages on a massive majority of the global populace a.k.a. the globe (housing all computers with the basic software packages installed). Still a doubt there? Go figure it out yourself: name one thing historians, astronomers, cosmonauts, astronauts, teachers, journalists, scientists, … ever told you you could verify to be true, without having seen the actual manifestation of what they talked about.

I mean: did you fly to the moon? Did you see anything with your own eyes? Is there anything anno 2009 giving touchable evidence that this is real? As far as I am concerned, the moon landing, the exploration of space and the true man’s story, is all just a story told to you, installed in your mind just like it’s installed on all other beings in the herd.

That means: all human units of the Anglosphere have the same Operating System installed. In the point of view from the software manufacturer this is a cool feature, because they can easily install new updates (journals, newspapers, tv-programs) or even new firmware (vaccinate them and alter their physical body). But it get’s even better than that.

They even installed a self-redundancy checking mechanism. That means every unit with an installed Operating System will do a redundancy check when it meets another human unit. So whenever an Operating System would fail dude to a virus and start thinking about the Earth might be flat or hollow, the other systems in the neighbourhood will try to remove the virus or will isolate the infected system. Sounds funny? That’s exactly how herd mentality works.

If then else
That’s basically how every program works.

IF (evaluation)

Hey, I wrote this tiny little program here, care to try it out?

IF (only what you sense to be true) AND (what others told you your entire ‘uptime’ is discarded)
THEN what the fuck is this place
ELSE go carry on with your life

Ok, don’t worry, it’s just a script, no need to compile it, just hit RUN. Lol.

See, the THEN clausulae of this if structure explains in 0.032 secs why most people don’t even get to read this article. That’s where we are humans: we read the ELSE and the THEN first and then we fill out the evaluation according to the outcome we desire. So, just for scientific fun, let’s put it the way it really works:

IF (only what you sense to be true) AND (what others told you your entire ‘uptime’ is discarded)
THEN what the fuck is this place
ELSE go carry on with your life
SO what’s it gonna be?

Glad you asked me:

So, what the fuck is this place?
The only thing you can conclude is that this place is virtual and virtuous. It’s an absolute, if not obvious, factual truth. If you don’t believe what they told you your whole life, if there is no more ‘god’ because you were never told there is one, if you realize all the crisis in the world is just new software being installed in your mind, … then, you first need to turn of “Automatic updates”. Second you’ll try to “uninstall” as much updates and programs, well, let’s call it spyware, as you can.

But there’s still some stuff that gets in via the backdoor. We call it subliminal, only the subconscious mind picks it up. Some kind of background running program you can’t uninstall because it says “this program is required for the core operations of the Operating System”.

Write your own Operating System
The only thing you need is the realisation that you need it and it will manifest one way or another. One way for us is getting together with other partly-uninstalled humans and to start co-creating our new reality. In this new environment we will be able to shut down and re-install our own individual Operating System, without the risk of having a Systems Administrator (psychiatrist/psychologist/police/army) knocking at your door or the other Operating Systems trying to ‘remove the new virus’ (peer pressure/herd mentality).

That’s Basecamp to Freedom version 1.0, Build 4M4Z1NG

Yes, I plan on quiting my IT job asap, since they don’t get to fire me. I sincerly hope this inspired at least one living soul. The truth is out there somewhere, right now, I’d say it is reaching out to us.

So, in case I don’t see ya,
goodafternoon, goodevening and goodbye!

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