Intermission Report IV: The Art of Release


I didn’t notice, but ‘The Great Escape/Basecamp to Freedom’ intention is already 1 year old. A year of constant growth, a year of letting go – in a positive sense of the word – and a year of acquiring higher levels of consciousness. In one year time I passed by many people’s lives. Every person I met felt complete at the moment I met them, but after a while they just seemed to pass by, much like you focus on a distant tree while traveling by train.

When I wrote the predictions early January 2009 and heard that 2009 was going to be ‘the year of transformation’, I had no idea it would run towards this. And the only reason I couldn’t imagine is because I (still) think too much.

Turns out for me that 2009 – more than being the year of transformation – turned out to stand for the art of release.

Intermission IV
Intermission III never got a report, because it embodied the shift from ‘The Great Escape’ (a.k.a. we’re shitting our pants and need to get the hell out of here) to Basecamp to Freedom (a.k.a. have faith in the future, no matter how bad it looks, and follow your path/intuition). What we didn’t know back then is that we made the conscious choice to flip from the control side to the release side. Intermission III was like a Day on the Mayan Sacred Calendar: the intention was made. Intermission IV can be seen as a Night on that same Calendar: the intention starting to manifest.

Attendees were coming hundreds of kilometers away on Friday to the Belgian-Luxembourg border. 4 men and 2 women. We started with the usual campfire on Friday night, which kept burning all the way through the rest of the Intermission. The weekend was full of interesting information, knowledge and wisdom. Number 1 and I gave workshops, others shared their knowledge about plants, trees and animals, or compared their backpacks with each other.

A honorable friend of mine, the American Entrepeneur Ivan Stein, created a very dense and effective 4-part workshop series, which is now integral part of our renewed Apply page.

The art of release
We decided a few things that altered the course of Basecamp to Freedom in yet another direction. We got rid of the deadline to move out of the matrix before a specific time. We got rid of the mandatory anonymously. This means all people willing to join our path are no longer bound to any commitments on when they will be ready to reside full-time at the new location or whether they want anonymity or are willing to disclose their name.

That doesn’t mean there wont be any kind of plan. It simply means we let it go with the flow and try not to ‘control’ it anymore. That’s the art of release. Being an ex-controlfreak myself, I realize this is a full-time effort, and requires a lot of energy.

Another way to demonstrate why control is not only a waste of energy, but also pretty useless is pointing out the Earth altering events between 2008 and 2016. For this you need to get past the useless debates about whether we can pick our future or not, and that other useless (and orchestrated) debate about whether these events will take place or not. (Hint: they are taking place, and increasing in both strength and frequency). Once you’re there you can ask yourself: is there anyway we – as unified humanity – have anything within our power to stop, alter or weaken these events? Yes, you can count H.A.A.R.P. in, and take Nicola Tesla while you’re at it. The simple answer is we can’t control it. I’m not saying it is divine, I’m simply pointing out an obvious fact. Just to add a little bit more brightness to my point: we can’t even prevent this upcoming winter from happening.

Once you see there is no control that can solve this one, you’ll on your way to master the Art of Release.

Next Intermission
Intermission V is planned on Saturday October 31st and Sunday November 1st 2009 in the Antwerp region in Belgium, on 15 minutes from the Dutch border. Everybody is welcome, but please note that only application e-mails are valid to subscribe yourself.

A peace of the the force!

Julez Edward a.k.a. Number 8

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