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Belgium was one of the first 6 countries to launch the movie. The movie starts like a classical Emmerich movie. Some researcher finds something unusual in the Earth’s core, and then warns a presidential advisor, and in no time the researcher becomes the friend of the POTUS, much like in Independence Day. But you didn’t come here to read the movie. This is the review from someone involved in creating a European “2012” community for over a year now.

No explanation
Seen from the conspiracy perspective, this movie is basically a huge laugh at the masses originating from The Powers That Be. Much like in the 11 months played trailers told you: How are the governments of the world going to prepare 6 … erm … 7 billion people? They wont.

Throughout the whole movie, there is a feeling that The Powers That Be aka the shadow governments/elite are just laughing at the masses, and that they are using the masses in order to create their exit strategy. The biggest problem in why the movie is just plainly unbelievable for 2012 researchers is that there is no explanation on how the Maya predicted this. There is no explanation about the difference between the Mayan Calendar and the Mayan Prophecy, which obviously are two different things. Oliver Platt even tries to do a great job in explaining and justifying the fact that not everyone would be allowed to survive.

Bad acting
Looks like the budget went to all the special effects and CGI and they had to find the cheapest of Hollywood actors to put in the cheapest of costumes. You know when the socio-economic crisis is real when a fabricated blockbuster like this visibly and audibly lacks the funds.  The CGI was – just like Emmerich’s previous movies – acceptable, and at some moments quite stunning, but…

Reality check
But the biggest problem with the movie is that it was based on a completely unrealistic scenario. Actors and actresses escape death more than once, but even while going underwater, the make up stays firmly on their faces. Everything goes so fast that it’s really difficult to track the timeline in the movie. But most of all, this movie is based on nothing but fear. It has no spiritual component whatsoever, except for a POTUS praying in the White House chapel. This is all materialistic survival, and the movie assumes that the current crisis we’re in right now is going to be solved by 2012 and this stuff is going to impact your life on a bright sunny day in 2012 – you know, like completely out of the blue.

If you’re familiar with what happened during the Great Depression, and see in what country this was and what political figure that grabbed the power back then and the World War that followed on it, then you can see the synchronicity with today’s Greatest Depression. Don’t even think of betting on the fact that whatever is in store for this planet in 2012, will just come totally unexpected on a bright and sunny day. The whole thing was over in just 27 days by the way. No change of the Earth’s rotation, no solar radiation, no volcanic bed of clouds for months after Yellowstone erupted, … Pretty ‘soft’ compared to the conclusion that most serious researchers came up with so far.

There was an old lady sitting on the top of her chair during the whole movie (nodding the whole time),  and even the usually noisy folks at the back of the theatre laughing at the movie all the time were silent. If you want to see the physical disintegration of Earth in a polished Hollywood format from the comfort of a theatre seat with a pack of popcorn and your favorite soda brand, go. If you’re a 2012 researcher, do not look for clues in the movie. If you are stuck in the matrix and missing the spiritual component, go see it, this is why you’ll want to stay in the matrix, believe in recovery, go to work, keep shopping and not see the scientific facts that are bluntly screaming for attention right in your face.

Overall, this looks and sounds like an apology from The Powers That Be that they can’t take nice people like us in their Arks. Given the situation they’re currently trying to manage, this is probably the best they could do.

Apology accepted dudes, we’ll be fine ;)

Julez Edward

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