And so the 6th Night of the Galactic Underworld begins


The 6th Night of the Galactic Underworld has begun. Gold is at a historic high, all major world currencies suffering from the first wave of hyperinflation (the Dollar not in the least), and Europe (being the middle/pineal gland of the East and West brain hemispheres of our Mother Earth) getting ready to become a (non-democratic) superstate with a president. Not to mention the H1N1 media fuzz also starting in the middle of the real zero meridian. All this promises a fantastic thrill ride for between now and the start of the 7th day, November 2nd 2010.

It should be no surprise to the aware and awake observer that The Powers That Be are losing power and doing their very best to keep everyone in fear and desperation. But inexplicably there is a Force making the Powers That Be look like they are of no count anymore.

It’s fantastic to see the amount of people waking up and coming to our blog, posting on forums, seeking answers and asking questions. This is part of the cosmic plan. A cosmic plan that was installed millions of years ago and is now speeding up our consciousness like it has never been before.

Important guidelines
In a nutshell:

  • Trust yourself. You are divine, just like everything else around you.
  • Threat everything with respect and understanding. That ‘everything’ is there placed around you because you can gain wisdom from it. And quite obviously you are there with people – of who some you might not like – because you’re all there to learn a similar lesson.
  • Keep your trust in god but keep your powder dry. That’s the baseline for our community. And it’s by far the best. It basically means that if you are not faced with life-endagering situations to yourself or your loved ones, you try not control the situation, but let it go and try to learn and understand it. If, however, you or your loved ones have trouble sleeping or have to cry for no reason, and you have indications, then you should have the decent gear, packed backpacks and fully equiped transportation at your disposal. That’s why you have to…
  • Pay attention. At all times. Be aware of your dreams, your thoughts, the behavior of your government and media, the people around you, and unusual nature behavior in your environment.

The end is nigh?
I recommend reading Carl Johan Calleman’s piece on the 6th Night of the Galactic Underworld. Although the man has the most conclusive ‘evidence’ for our path towards the Next Age, the man is not conclusive (since no one can) about the path towards the ‘end’ of the calendar, I still don’t believe in his final conclusions that this is something universal.

The man ‘stole’ the whole concept from a guy named Raymond Mardyks (according to this source), but that’s the least of my problem. The biggest issue with the whole theory is that it doesn’t … resonate. I think the structure might be correct, but the fact that all 7th Days of all 9 Underworlds will come to an end around 28 October 2011 sounds pretty strange to me.

Maybe it’s my lack of imagination, or maybe it just that since I discovered the Webbot is bogus, I’m not that interested in all those future scenarios. Even less interested in the doom and gloom colored future scenarios.

The 6th Night
For sure some dirty stuff is going to happen. Although the 6th Day (between Obama’s election and November 7th, 2009) was relatively calm, the Nights usually bring up al little bit more dirt.

The economy is being artificially inflated. Stocks keep rising, dollar keeps falling, nature calamities keep occurring more and more, the media reporting on them less and less. People are about to discover the true meaning of the word hunger. Thousands of people are becoming jobless by the day now, and look there: just in analogy with Nazi Germany, a European President is about to rise from the ashes. A symbol people can believe in if they don’t die early from the unknown substances Ukraine is experimenting.

You see, when the Big Picture becomes clear, there are really no surprises. You don’t need to read all the articles on the news sites anymore. Just let them deliver the headlines in your mailbox. In the meantime, be aware of your thoughts and decisions. Pay attention. It’s all in front of our faces now.

The sole fact you read this article means you swallowed a red pill. Just let it digest now.

Julez Edward

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