Another one bites the dust

This post is only to make those (and there are many of ‘those’) people who are hesitating between trusting charlatans or themselves aware of the choice: you do have a choice NOT to jump on this 2012-fearwagon.

I’m going to rant a little bit about a fellow named Patrick Geryl, who lives some 50km away from here. Somebody mentioned that Cliff High, the ‘brains’ behind the fear-pumping webbot project endorses his opinions about a giant cataclysm by end 2012.

That’s ammusing isn’t it? When I met Patrick Geryl in 2007 I shook his hand. I had to look to make sure I shook it, it was the worst ‘firm’ handshake ever. I mean, the trustability of a man, his stability and the way he stands in life can be felt by just shaking his hand. Patrick is none of the above. Patrick is lost, very happy to be Patrick, and then lost again. He has absolutely no knowledge of society, sustainablilty, community building, or human inter relations a.k.a. emotional intelligence. He’s not that bright as anyone is calling him either, and contrary to what he tries to make people believe he’s not a magical mathematician either. He isn’t even in charge of his own 2012 survival group anymore.

I’m trying not to crush the guy, luckily someone else already did. But he’s good at some aspects. He’s good at making our country (Belgium, mr High, not Germany) look like fools with that accent of his alone. He’s good at being a complete nutjob if it comes to world history and world conspiracy. And at last he’s very good in stealing ideas from other people, like the location for the hidden labyrinth. His worse quality would be his ability to correctly translate from French, among other languages, and foremost, his failure to interpret these translations, thus jumping to conclusions.

Cliff High again revealed a part of himself by endorsing a stranger’s work after only knowing him for “a few weeks”. Webbot must be low on funds. I’ve known and followed and studied Patrick Geryl for almost 3 years now, this is the first time I write about him. But then again, I’m sure of what I write before I go ‘live’. Sadly enough, like we exposed last summer, the webbot project is most certainly a fraud. Their latest predictions were complete misses (dollar still alive and now even kicking again, Iran and Israel are still ‘friends’, …), hence, the October 25th prediction was a non-event, we were awaiting a 9/11 kinda event, according to Webbot (over)spokesman George Ure.

But interestingly enough, these three people share an apparent common goal: making money from fear. Patrick Geryl’s books are selling well, Cliff High’s Webbot Reports are still selling, and George Ure recently stopped ranting on Saturdays, and now urges his ‘60,000 readers a day’ every weekend again to subscribe to his Peoplenomics reports on Sunday. Speaking of False Prophets…

And for the hasty people just reading this article only, again: sure bad stuff is going to happen and sure that might include mega tsunamis. But read some of the other stuff here or at Ivan Stein’s Timeline 2012 initiative. The good stuff is here too. But as always: you have to do something to find and appreciate the good stuff, while – if you fail to explore the good side – indeed the bad stuff might just happen anyway.

Fear sells, love’s for free, what ya think?

Julez Edward

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