Intermission Report V & VI

The times they are achanging. And not in a bad way, I might add. And fast too: this report is about two Intermissions. The storyline of our initiative is becoming more clear every day, and – as time passes by – we appear to be manifesting the right people.

In the meantime we’re still meeting with all members in The Netherlands or Belgium on a monthly basis. The last two Intermissions, we talked about almost everything. We were all very pleased that since October 2009 we’re holding monthly Intermissions. A sign of progress, and a sign of the will to go on. Although rain was all over the weather forecasts for both weekends, there was no surprise there was almost no rain to be seen above the camp when we were sitting around the campfire. Here comes the report – with pictures!

Fix yourself, the world can wait another day
We’re still here, to start with the obvious. Next spring and summer we’re planning on scouting some locations. See where it get’s us. We’re still matching with new candidates. Some succesful, some not. We’re looking into housing. The different types, the best materials. But most of us are fulltime pre-occupied with the transcendence. We’re preparing our minds. Getting rid of addictions (smoking [tobacco that is], coffee [that nasty morning habit that is], alcohol [the casual drinks that are], sugar and salt [the casual matrix food that is], …), and finding peace with our current environment. Because without it, we are not at all prepared.


We agreed on the following. More explanation below:

  • Our community will primarily exist of couples. Kids (-18) are welcomed, but they are to be joined by their parents.
  • The location really doesn’t matter at this time.
  • Finding the right couples for the right path is the key of our mission now. Therefore:
    • This website became bilingual: Dutch (for better understanding) and English (because Dutch speaking folks still search the web in English)
    • The website needs to be more clear from the first page on. So a clear introduction text/video will be created.
    • We’ll boost our efforts to create more links to this website.
    • We’ll focus more on the harmonious way of living we intend, rather than focussing on possible cataclismic events around 2012.
  • We will search of a ‘clubhouse’ in Southern Belgium where the next Intermissions can be held.

“Location, location, location”

This classic matrix quote was found to have a pretty ‘control’ taste to it. We decided that the location is the least important, the people the most important. We believe the Universe will guide us to the right location at the right time. Nevertheless, the possible locations were discussed. No one felt an immediate link to move to Southern France. We considered Bulgaria, Hungaria, Romania, Austria, Greece, France and Spain. The general conclusion was we were born here for a reason, which probably means we don’t have to move that far away from ‘home’.

Many of the Balkan states are pretty good to live, if you stay away from the cities, government and law enforcement. The attractive thing about this region is that some areas are hardly populated at all, and that buying farmland is not expensive at all. Southwest Bulgaria has basically the same advantage as Southern France. 1.500+ metres height in close distance to the sea. Only in Bulgaria, that sea is not the biggest Ocean in the world, it’s in less populated areas than Southen France, and the distance from nuclear reactors is way better.

But basically we’re holding the decission untill we feel which direction we should go. It would be no surprise if the women would be the ones to give us the signal as to when and where. We’ll take care of the how and what, so to speak. The why and the who is entirely up to the Universe to call.

No more 2012 fear

The 2012 meme might not be the best way to present our brand new society online. For most people, and definitely for women and kids, this has a ‘hit and run’ feeling to it. This is not what our group emboddies. We are people who know and feel the current socialeconomic system is unsustainable and we know that now is the time to prepare for this. Although we all agree that something of enormous conscious impact is about to happen and something that doesn’t occur every century, let alone millennia, each of us has their own vision of what is to come. Although we are preparing both physical and mental, it is noticable that women are preparing in a more mental/spiritual state, while the men of the group are buying up gear, learning how to do stuff and getting ready to scout different locations.

The power of the sexes

It is now sharp and clear that men and women will each fullfill different tasks, although some of those tasks will be be fulfilled by both men and women. Little example: the men will most probably build the housing facilities, while the women will most probably be the ones that decorate them and architect the houses so that the whole community will have a “home sweet home feeling”.

It was also apparent that the current relationship ‘issues’ for the couples were designed by the Universe to make us learn from each other. Not to let women act like man (like the current matrix system) or the other way around. It’s all about learning. And the more one learns, the more interesting it gets.

You are welcome
Yes, you reading this. Do not hesitate to show yourself. We are open to anyone. Start by sending us an e-mail. You’re free to send along your set of questions in the email of course. We hope to hear from you!

Julez Edward

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