A Christmas gift: Timeline 2012

It’s one thing to be a critic of the system the whole time, it’s a completely other thing to try and do the opposite. That’s why I’m going – for once – during the celebration of the Sun’s yearly return, a.k.a. Christmas, to throw my critics pen in the trashcan and just mingle among the matrix-masses for my last Christmas gift.

Some months ago I met with a special and wise person from the States. Ivan Stein, an American ex-entrepeneur and spiritual “Yoda”, soon became the very guy I would do my shortest and last freelance job in website construction for.

The website was build incredibly fast. This is a website I am proud to be part of. It would be completely inappropriate just to put a hyperlink straight away.

This website contains tons of useful unbiased information. Even a person believing in economic recovery can just grab the not-so-doom stuff and use it, like – for instance – raw food, or meditation techniques. That’s the beauty of it: Ivan did really spend the last decade of his life learning, channeling and manifesting this information in what is now an almost finalized website.

The website’s main mission is to educate everyone who is open to learning more about the ‘odd conspiracies’ of life, from eating the wrong food, to building the wrong houses. The site vision is to become the city hall for all worldwide 2012 communities, from Basecamp to Freedom to Zimbabwe (err?).

Don’t let me hold you up any longer and take a look for yourself. http://www.timeline2012.net/

Or with the words of the founder:

If you enjoy the website, don’t hesitate to join forces with translation, or online promotion. Cheers!

On behalf of all Basecamp to Freedom freethinkers,

A Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

See you on the flip side!

Julez Edward

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