Why I love the New World Order

For years, I’ve seen days of videos all warning about the New World Order. I’ve read hundreds – if not thousands – of pages about it. After organizing protests and telling people to wake up – and consequently seeing them failing to do so – I think the time has come to switch sides. I realize this might lead to some controversy, especially now when most of the 2012-fear-train-passengers are as brainwashed as the Main Stream Media addicts.

I love the New World Order. And here is why.

Nothing new
First of all, the New World Order is nothing new. The theories and conspiracies are as old as mankind. Over the centuries, we have written history proof that some folks wanted to rule the planet, namely Napoleon and Hitler, just to name the last two. Rumors are that in the Middle Ages the same stuff happened and it appears that the Atlantans were on the brink of installing a New World Order just before the cataclysm happened. And coincidently, we’re again on the brink of a cataclysm, and with the same amount of coincidence, we almost have our official New World Order.

The newspaper in the picture above is real and it’s from May 2009.

Pro versus contra
A world without New World Order or One World Government is a world where every country has its own agenda, and is willing to fight for it. There is no advantage to that. I mean if one thing simply doesn’t add up with guys like David Icke – or most of the other 2012 gurus – it is that they are preaching for love and peace and unity, yet the very techniques they are using is fear about wars (among other things) and the preservation of nation sovereignty. They are using the very same techniques to transmit their message like the Main Stream Media.

If you talk about ‘controlled opposition’, a technique often used by the Bilderbergers, the Club of Rome, Knights of Malta,Council on Foreign Relations, … you’d have to admit that this NWO fear program and those trying to wake people up ‘for the better good of humanity’ are pretty much helping the establishment of such a worldly power structure. This brings me to another point. The One World Government now being installed (one of the last meetings without it, was held in Copenhagen) is the best solution to enter the 2012 era.

Look at it this way: I figured out the raw plot they are planning and following. Admittedly, I rarely got their ‘dates of action’ right, but the global lines like “this is going to happen in the near future” where always right. Nowadays they’re talking about the Bilderbergers in Main Stream Media.

So their existence isn’t really blocking me for finding out their agenda. So what is the problem then? I can’t stop them, you can’t stop them… Just consider that ignoring them or turning your TV off is going to save you more energy than constantly looking for news and updates about where they are building bunkers, and trying to convince skeptics that they are building those bunkers. You could be ten times more happy, no?

Not that art of release again…
The trouble for most ‘truth seekers’ seems to be the fact that they seem to fail in trying to wake up their fellow friends and families with the fact that we are moving towards a complete unity. I was one of those truth seekers until recently, when I discovered that my friends and family each follow their own path, and that it is not my task to try to awaken them. The lesson the forces of the Universe are trying to teach me, is to learn to let go. Again the art of release.

The art of release also teaches me that there is nothing wrong with the One World Government a.k.a. the New World Order. It is in our consciousness to let this happen. There is no way we as collective individuals with little to no money are going to stop this. And why would we?

No objections at all?
Sure the guys running the NWO circus are bad people. They use secrecy, manipulation, sub-conscious programming, all the tricks of the control side. However, it is my and your choice to worry about their plans or to just let it go. And here we can elaborate on the fact that the nay-sayers are going to argument “wait till they force you to take a vaccine, or wait till…”. Right. My biggest point here is that both the 2012 gurus and the secret shadow governments of the world are all playing the same card. Do I believe everyone will get better from the instalment of a New World Order? Of course not. Will many – like in millions of – people die during this process? Of course. Am I going to feel sorry for them? No. Not because I didn’t try or don’t care, but because this is a plan that must enroll. We only learn from our experiences, thus we will experience it. Most of the incarnated souls on this planet right now, clearly never had that experience. I did, I have a very strong feeling against injustice. When I was still a control freak some years ago, my blood could boil if I saw injustice. Next question? Would you prefer a world without these mighty shadow elite of banksters and secret policy makers? Yes, of course, but that isn’t the plan.

Use what you have
If you can learn one thing from building a ‘Basecamp to Freedom’ it is that you must learn to use what you have. Don’t dream about solutions that aren’t possible unless a miracle happens. So what do I have? I have the knowledge of their agenda. I know why they are doing what they are doing, and I know what they are doing to advance their agenda. I don’t know when or how they are planning their next big move, and I most certainly don’t know who is behind every single step, because frankly I just don’t care anymore.

Know why you are here
I do know what and why. I also know they are as determined to do what they are going to do, as I am going to do what I’m going to do. So let’s say you know this, and you are a Fire Risk Consultant. You have the blueprint of the building, you know where the flammable goods are stored, you know where the fire exits are, you know how fire spreads. What more do you want? You know in the end, you are Fire Risk Consultant for a reason that is pretty universal: eventually the building is going to be set on fire.

No reason to be scared
It is important to note that The Powers That Be are all about control. They use control instead of release. Why? Because they are in fear of something. They fear the future, they fear the sheeple (us), they fear chaos within their own ranks. So if they fear us, why should we fear them? If the New World Order is real, they are going to make sure we live in acceptable conditions till just before the event(s), because they think they know they can control their own survival, but they know for sure they cannot control a hungry angry herd of a few hundred sheep. That’s again why stuff will keep going as long as they can explain all the signs in the media as ‘normal’, and also why the big stuff is going to happen all of a sudden. That’s the moment we’ll all be unplugged, whether we planned for it or not.

In conclusion
The New World Order is a tiny pixel in the hologram in this Universe. You are another pixel. If the New World Order takes up more pixels in your world, that’s entirely your responsibility and your imagination. You are the co-creator of your own future. Blaming stuff on NWO, Bilderberg or any other external entity but you is avoiding that responsibility. Don’t feel bad about it though, I did it for 3 odd years, and I’m glad I’m done with it.

Julez Edward

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