Worldwide internet trouble?

I understand that some might call it premature to write this or that some might find that this is too much jumping to conclusions, but there is something going on in the last 10 days with the internet. Since the magnetosphere data feed shows ‘normal’ figures, I’ll assume these issues are caused by human intervention.

Since I use the internet almost permanently for professional reasons, it struck me that the last 10 days there have been interupted internet connections all over the Northern hemisphere. Internet drops a few seconds and then restores again. I have no clue so far, but so far no media is talking about it.

The only three reasons I can think of are: nothing’s happening, internet v2.0 preparations are ongoing to go live somewhere this year or the winter cold did snap some quite important cables.

So again, there aren’t really downtimes, but highly interrupted or abnormal slow internet connections since January 6th 2010. People have reported erupted Skype connections, FTP transfers, game servers, general slowness on major websites that are usually bullet fast. If anybody has more information about this or experiences the same issues, feel free to contact us. I’ll write again when we have more information.

Julez Edward

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