Cracking the Matrix: An introduction

People have asked us that if we are following the ‘Service to others’ instead of ‘service to self’, how it comes it seems we are preparing solely for our own survival. Let’s answer that question straight away: In the process of transforming from The Great Escape in 2008, which was fear based, we transformed – well, let’s be humble – we are transforming to the love side of life. Our service only is for the better of humankind, since 99% of our visitors come here to learn and not to join our community.

In the service to others culture people serve other people for no reason, for no gain. Thus, we see our mission to humanity as an offer. Service to others does by no means mean you should oppress your opinion. That’s service to self, and that’s how today’s world religions are working. We are offering anyone a place aboard this project as long as they are open to it. I for instance am going to leave most of my family members behind, because they don’t take that offer, and I don’t want to force them into a future they do not desire.

Still, there are many who are still uneducated and for whom joining a sustainable community is a real joke. Those people we offer some unique knowledge that might enlighten them.

Every 20th of the month
This year, every 20th of the month, we are going to post a video or article that will help you comprehend your mission in this lifetime on this tiny blue planet. The purpose of these series is to provide you background on the matrix. It will be divided in themes, for you to connect the dots.

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How we did it
Simple dot-connecting is one thing, getting reliable results from it is another. Although we mainly use paraconsistent logics in combination with inductive reasoning (mathematical induction’s little sister) to unravel the matrix, we use a few statements, axioms and common knowledge to get to our point:

  • By knowing yourself, you know the world a.k.a. the whole is reflected in the whole a.k.a. fractals: the world is reflected in the countries, which on their turn are reflected in the cities, the cells in you body are spinning and rotating like the planets around the sun, and so forth
  • Nothing is an accident. Coincidences do not exist. Everything happens for a reason.
  • The lie is different at every level. See below for people basically don’t do bad things and compartmentalization.
  • The deeper you dig, the less you know. This is a ‘usual suspect’ in our industry. In other words: when one tries to get in to the macro level of the matrix, the matrix itself sucks you deeper into the micro-level.
  • To make a bunch of people all work for the same cause you need a religion. Can be Christianity, Freemasonry, Satanism, … . This is important to understand, because many people still believe ‘they’ do ‘bad’ things for ‘the money’.
  • People basically don’t do bad things – which implies there need to be a manipulation at every level to convince good people to do good things that actually have a bad impact.
  • Sell a lie as the truth, sell the truth as a lie. One of the big mind games, is to sell pseudo-realities and ancient knowledge, that can’t be explained through Newtonian science, like Hollywood movies. Like ‘The Matrix’, ‘Indiana Jones’, ‘Star Wars/Gate’, etc.
  • We make extensive use of the 80/20 principle, e.g. the fact that most things in life are not just 50/50 but rather majority vs minority. An example would be: a majority of the people are in need of external leadership to make the important decisions for them, so they don’t have to blame themselves if something goes wrong. A minority wants to lead. Based on fractals: within that minority a majority wants to lead but can’t or are simply not capable of doing so, while a minority of that minority leads, makes decisions (but then is seldom held responsible for them)
  • We’re firm believers of compartmentalization, yes that’s a word. It means you only know and understand what happens below you in whatever hierarchy you’re stuck in, but cannot possibly know what happens above your level.
  • Truth is what you make of it. Everyone has his own truth. As a majority of the people are conservative (not in a political way but in mentality) they are afraid of change. Once their truth is established, there will have to be an enormous force required to change it.
  • Overall the matrix sustains itself by all these mentioned above: making things overly complicated, making normal folks confused, preventing them to get the big picture and the overview.

These could help you to further analyze the material we’ll present.

Life is easy
Really easy. The key word is acceptance. Acceptance that we are only a species like all others, that die and make mistakes. Accept you and humanity are imperfect, will not be perfect for now (because mistakes are the source of every form of evolution) and you’ll be happy and see even more why and how the matrix leaves you physically free, but locks you up in your mind. But most importantly: Accept that all that happens in your life in meant to learn from it. We’ll keep the videos and articles as fear free as possible and even more – that you’ll achieve a higher level of understanding and knowledge, and thus balanced thoughts, which are the key ingredients to manifest a more balanced life.

We hope you’ll enjoy these series for the time being.

Julez Edward

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