Cracking the Matrix: January 2010

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In this first episode we’re going to shine our light – surprise – on the 2012 meme. Ivan Stein, an American researcher who combines the strengths of his scientific background with his spiritual balance, has worked over 10 years to find out what is wrong with the world, and why scientists didn’t dare to speak out about certain things. In 1 hour and 20 minutes he baffles friend and foe with a rhetoric that everyone could have made, if only they were paying attention and taking notes.

The good news is by November 2011 we’ll be ‘finnished’ or ‘completed’ as a conscious humankind, the bad news: one year later there’ll be a test we’ll have to prove we are. Enjoy!

If the video above doesn’t work, you can try the Youtube videos. For those wanting more, Ivan Stein created an international website that hosts all 2012 communities, so take a look at!

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