No posts for a while, you’ll notice. Not to worry though, I have some very good and convincing excuses.

Once more I notice that conscious evolution is speeding up towards its final greatest acceleration level, just one year from now. As strange as it might sound, I’m getting more and more things done on a spiritual level (growing, learning, understanding, and most importantly learning to grow my understanding). But at the same time I get less done on the physical plane. Like building the very last website of my life.
Launching February 8th 2010, Face2012 is to become the worldwide connection platform between 2012 seekers, whether they do this out of fear or out of love to reach our next universal milestone. Basically this will be the Facebook for 2012, but with a subtile wink: it’s time to face 2012.

Features will include: blogging, friending, messaging, forum, finding 2012 minded folks in your region, live chat, private chat, and last but not least: creating, joining and planning communities.

This all wouldn’t be possible without Ivan Stein, who – besides being an extraordinary human being – is also doing extra ordinary things – with a vision. Ivan and I would really appreciate all help to make this website go viral, since such a functionality still doesn’t exist in the 2012 community.

My second excuse would be that the second wave of awakening in january was overwhelming, and many people submitted their application. Reviewing application is a time-consuming job, and meeting with people from all over Europe even more. It is amazing to feel and see the awakening happening. The beauty is this trend will most likely continue.

It was a little bit a surprise to see that various European contacted me for interviews. Journalists are still the same. They assume you want to be on TV, and they assume if you’re believe the 2012 crap, you must be a nutjob. Two quite wrong assumptions. Admitted, some journalists are decent, but please, dear journalists, only contact us if you plan to treat us with respect and dignity.

My first month without alcohol. Wasn’t as hard as I thought. Actually the toughest part is to see friends or colleagues drunk and acting quite demonic. Next step is getting rid of the cooked food addiction, so ordering a blender is the plan for  February and start with the Energy Soups. Raw vegan isn’t that hard coming from 2 years of 98% vegetarian diet.

Thank you
Thanking people almost never happens in the matrix, but I do like to thank all readers of this blog now and then. Some of them are promoting this blog in a pure Service to Others fashion, and I feel very grateful for them.

That said, let the roller coaster switch another gear. If these are the end times, they feel damn good!

Julez Edward

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