Launching, the Facebook for 2012 researchers and preparers, launches today. Go create your account and help building a global community ready to face 2012!

Three weeks of no sleep, no sex, no drugs or even rock ‘n roll. Russians experimenting with zero point energy, the anglosphere governments still trying to set up their wet dream – new world order. Earthquakes in Haiti, snowstorms at home, huge fluctuations in temperature, caused by the start of sunspot cycle 24 (about time)….

In other words if you like this new site, it is because it was made in the perfect environment, namely little more than two years before a global cleansing process begins. It is everybody’s free will and choice to ignore or acknowledge the signs.

But for the latter category, we truly hope this website will support them on their journey. Hope you enjoy it!

I’m looking forward to read your stories!

Julez Edward

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