Switching gears

Basecamp to Freedom’s intention is almost 7 months young, and around here, change is always around the corner. You know, words here still have value. Change means change, not Obama change. Democracy means democracy, not a name for controlled opposition.

Evolution becomes visible through change
Again it was fun, and it went fast. People familiar with the Sacred Mayan Calendar described by Carl Johan Calleman, can see that evolution is speeding up. My personal ‘awakening’ happened with 9/11. The time I spent on researching 9/11, Illuminati, NASA, Federal Reserve, … conspiracy in general was from 2006, when I slowly stopped writing music and performing, till the Summer of 2008. There, right before my last European 9/11 protest, I became aware the stupid distraction 9/11 was. Writing down: Julez’ first wave of awareness: 24 months. I had to get out of here. This was no society for me, and during the 9 months of The Great Escape intention, I met various people who were down the same path. At most we had 8 members ready to pull the plug out of the dirty world we called ‘Matrix’, like we weren’t part of it. 8 members that dropped of along the lines, since once you’re on the path of evolution, all static stuff needs to go. In the summer of 2009, I understood what Star Wars calls the Dark Force and the Force, Good and Evil, removing o and adding d, you get the Biblical God and Devil. That’s when the weird stuff started happening. I felt more than ever that running away was the easy way out, and not helping anyone – not even myself. I felt more than ever I had to make a choice. The group decided that summer to move away from the fear and reinvent ourselves and call it Basecamp to Freedom. This intention was all about switching from ‘running away’ to ‘growing towards’. And growing happened. Basecamp to Freedom lasted for only 6 months… Tic toc…

Leaving the Basecamp
Due to the personal growth I’ve been trough, I lost many friends, and faded away from my family. They still don’t understand how their little boy – raised as a convinced atheist – became spiritual non-religious. They don’t even care to understand the difference between spirituality and religion.

Eventually – and for the same reasons –  members in Basecamp to Freedom ‘disappeared’. I wish them luck wherever their path may take them, and I am grateful for the beautiful times we shared at campfires and during the walks in pure nature. But it is time to move on.

Since I’ve met Ivan Stein, it became clear that we had manifested each other for obvious reasons. When I met him last summer, I still had plans to get out of the matrix with the group by end 2009. But I began to understand the difference between ‘survival’ and ‘sustainability’. Ivan’s target had been the latter from the very start.

As we entered 2010, it became obvious both Ivan’s community and mine we’re starting to look-alike. And since we declared 2010 The Year of Realization, we realized we better work together than each do the same thing on a different continent.

Basecamp becomes Timeline
Basecamp to Freedom – and with it, this blog – will end. So for the second time, you’ll have to move over to a new blog/website. I still love writing, so I’ll probably keep blogging there till we start relocating to Australia – the current plan. My function in the Timeline 2012 community will be European Ambassador. In this function, I’ll keep doing what I’m doing now: meeting with all people in the EU (capable of speaking English, French or Dutch) who are interested in joining the Timeline 2012 Sustainable Community project.

Europe becomes Australia
With the current winter situation in Europe – even the whole Northern Hemisphere – it’s now clear that Europe will become the new site for the ice shelf in the new Ice Age. This is purely based on intelligence. When we let our hearts speak, Europe simply doesn’t ring a bell. Except for the Pyrenees and mountainous areas of Southern Spain (where it will be Norwegian cold), Europe is not on the new map anymore.

With the Timeline 2012 Community Australia seems to be the promised land, however, Australia is just the intent. Again, our hearts will decide at the proper moment where we will move to.

Community building challenges

  1. The primary challenge will be to spread the knowledge about the 2012 subject in a neutral point of view – without the usual fear pumping like “if you don’t join our community, you’ll die”. That’s why we will try to give as many lectures as possible to educate those interested.
  2. The secondary challenge for us is being ready to ‘process’ a pretty high – and ever-increasing – amount of application forms, since humans tend to act just a millisecond before it’s too late.
  3. Third, we’ll have to organize global meetings (tell me about challenges!) with all members simultaneously. This will probably done by Skype video-walling in a conference room on several places on Earth.

So this is goodbye?
All running series from this blog – like Cracking the Matrix and Intermezzo – will keep running here for now and will later be transferred to my personal blog. Eventually this blog will be split up: the blogging part will transfer to my personal blog, while the succesful who/what/when menus will move over to a specific website for the Timeline 2012 Community.

Family fear for secret society
People knowing me for a long time may wonder why I do this, and if – after all – this isn’t just another secret society. It’s true, I’ve been leader of all projects in my life, but this size of community building cannot be done by myself alone – quite frankly, I don’t like to do it all alone anymore. And a secret society? That depends on your definition of the word, but I can tell you everything within Timeline 2012 is happening by free will and there are no forms of manipulation. However, this society Ivan and I call ‘The Matrix’ is maybe more a secret society to those living in it, than I perceive being in a sustainable community. But you may agree to disagree.

This being written on this last post on this green background, see you at the new blog.

Thanks for flying with us, it was a pleasure

Julez Edward


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  1. Ant Bee said,

    February 17, 2010 at 14:13

    Should I send you my resume. Seriously I don’t image the silver spoon feed babies have the what it takes to survives deduction let alone live off the land. you have my e-mail , drop me a line.

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