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Julez Edward


Switching gears

Basecamp to Freedom’s intention is almost 7 months young, and around here, change is always around the corner. You know, words here still have value. Change means change, not Obama change. Democracy means democracy, not a name for controlled opposition.

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Launching, the Facebook for 2012 researchers and preparers, launches today. Go create your account and help building a global community ready to face 2012!

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Short news


While we’re still writing the Intermission IV report, just a quick announcement that our Apply page has changed. We added some very useful workshops and made it more clear what we expect from applicants and what they can expect from us.

Meanwhile, Intermission V is planned for the weekend of November 1st. This time it is in the Antwerp region 15 minutes from the Belgian-Netherlands border. If you want to come to this gathering of likeminded people, please apply via our new application page.

A very warm welcome


A warm welcome to Basecamp to Freedom. We are a ‘2012 survival group’ of prepared citizen from Belgium and The Netherlands getting self-sufficient for the troubled times ahead. Instead of seeing it as a depressing future, we take it as a challenge. We were born for this job. Read the rest of this entry »