Intermission Report V & VI

The times they are achanging. And not in a bad way, I might add. And fast too: this report is about two Intermissions. The storyline of our initiative is becoming more clear every day, and – as time passes by – we appear to be manifesting the right people.

In the meantime we’re still meeting with all members in The Netherlands or Belgium on a monthly basis. The last two Intermissions, we talked about almost everything. We were all very pleased that since October 2009 we’re holding monthly Intermissions. A sign of progress, and a sign of the will to go on. Although rain was all over the weather forecasts for both weekends, there was no surprise there was almost no rain to be seen above the camp when we were sitting around the campfire. Here comes the report – with pictures! Read the rest of this entry »


Intermission Report IV: The Art of Release


I didn’t notice, but ‘The Great Escape/Basecamp to Freedom’ intention is already 1 year old. A year of constant growth, a year of letting go – in a positive sense of the word – and a year of acquiring higher levels of consciousness. In one year time I passed by many people’s lives. Every person I met felt complete at the moment I met them, but after a while they just seemed to pass by, much like you focus on a distant tree while traveling by train. Read the rest of this entry »