2010 Predictions: addendum

People have sent in some videos about some other predictions on 2010 that pretty much match our predictions. Others asked, based on our predictions, how many earthquakes on ‘Haiti-scale’ we expect this year. I’d say at least 6 more. Note that not all of them will catch the news, since the number of casualties is more important than the magnitude of the quake. Here come the videos.

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2010 Predictions: The Year of Realization

Let’s kick-start 2010 with our yearly ‘tradition’ and let us be the first to welcome you in 2010: the year of the Realization! We’ll start with the usual disclaimer, then the predictions, to conclude with an evaluation of our predictions of last year. No matter what you read below, we still wish you a happy new year, and we hope you do realize you are walking on this planet at this specific time for a very specific reason.

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