How we are going to do this?
Well first of all we are doing this. We have a fully operational Plan B that can be executed in under 5 hours. We are backpacked and ready to go and survive in the wild. We are training basic skills like making clothes and pottery, housing and central heating system construction, etc.

But the real ‘how’ is the tribe. The tribe makes the decisions and shares the knowledge. Everyone is good at something.

We build up knowledge in several things. Including but not limited to:

  • construction: dome shaped housing, boats, watchtowers, central heating system, ovens, agriculture irrigation system, restroom, survival bunkers/caves, construction of a simple means of transportation for heavy materials
  • food supplies – food conservation (20 adult man and woman need a food supply for 6 to 8 months), farming (growing crops and holding animals, seeds of vegetables, grains, rice and seed-potatoes)
  • medical/health: this includes: alternative healing methods, herbs and plants determination, woman hygiene, birth-prevention, dental care(!)
  • fabrication of clothes/shoes and tools: there will be no electricity or machines.
  • communications: long-range communications and intelligent surveillance of the colony site
  • environment: thorough knowledge of the colony site and its surroundings, weather forecasting, reuse of our restroom disposals
  • community: rules of the community, democratic system (not the same as in the matrix), recreation
  • harvesting/mining: iron ore, stone, sandstone, plaster
  • eduction: books of elementary stuff (math, physics, hyper-dimension physics, chemicals, plants and animals, ancient mythology, electricity, …)
  • but most important: we acquire more spiritual growth every day.

If you have an area you know stuff about, come give us a workshop!

The money side of things
We value the money each member can contribute to the project as the least important. Most important is you, as a human: your level of empathy, your health, your skills, your gear, and then at last your money. So far, money has never been an eliminating issue.

If you were planning to leave the matrix anyway, you don’t need your cell phone, your house, your computer. You have no idea how rich you already are. But money still seems to be an important factor to many people. And apparently it is yet even more difficult for these people to understand that money will not have any value in the future. “But what is the minimum amount of money to co-tribe with you”, they then ask. If we really need to say something: €2,500. But for sure there are people with much more, and maybe some with less. Rest assured that not one profiteer even attempted to apply. That’s just not the kind of energy we’re attracting.

How about the location?
The location will initially be rented. It will be some kind of a boyscout-camping terrain where we can do our stuff. At some point in the future, 48+ months, money will be worthless, and we will claim the ground under Common Law. That means we use it in harmony with nature, and do not harm anybody by using that ground.

But that’s just one of the many possibilities. There are plenty. There are old cities, so called Ghost Towns in various European countries. When the time is right, nobody will be there, and we will. And one for the road: you can ‘work for food’ while building the camp or you can just take an old farm and see what happens.

Anything missing? Just drop us a line.

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