What is Basecamp to Freedom?
We are a 21st century tribe with likeminded men and women and kids who are preparing together both spiritually and physically for the future up to 2012 and beyond. This websites sole intent is to manifest more likeminded people. We each follow a spiritual path and trust our intuition and follow it. We’re all learning to release and not to worry about the future. However, Universe did put knowledge of the future with a purpose. Thus buying the right gear and scouting for suitable terrain to build a subterrain base is not trying to control our future situation, rather it is making use of the avaible technology to help us on our journey.

It is clear to us that conscious evolution is speeding up, and that our mind wont be able to cope with certain kinds of interpretations. That’s why more people than ever are commiting not-understandable crimes. Intuition works faster than the mind, thus it is important to start trusting it again.

What are our goals?
The primary goal now is to prepare together for the challenging times ahead. The secondairy goal is to build a sustainable tribe ready to withstand the elements surrounding 2012, whatever they may happen to be. And the final goal is to outline a plan for sustainable human life with a decent degree of comfort in the post 2012 era.

Most of us were ‘guided’ by the Universe to fulfill this mission. We have visions, dreams, ‘strange coincidents’ and experiences that ‘prove’ for us that is what we must do.

What if we are wrong?
We will have a nice tribe with healthy food and our own little problems. We won’t need to pay taxes, go to work or polute nature against our will, just to get those basic things in life. We will be disstressed and wake up with the sun. We prove we have the creativity to step out of this mess. We doubt we will want ever to come back, but if necessary, our creativity and our path will guide us.

What if the 2012 prophecies are right?
Then we prefer to have 3 years of life the way it is used to be. Not too much technology or indirect communications. Not too much poluted food or soft drinks. We choose to choose life, for this matrix we now live in is an illusion ment to prevent you from making just that single choice. Will we survive? If it is on our path, yes. If not, we will enjoy three years in which we will see a little blue planet somewhere in a gigantic universe from her most beautiful side: pure nature.

Anything missing? Just drop us a line.

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