When are we planning to do all this?
As time takes us, would be the short answer. There is no when. We are doing what feels right we can right now. Some already quit their job, others are about to. Thanks to the synchronization already present in the tribe, we will feel when it is time to move, although we realize the biggest move being made in our mind, day after day. You see, we don’t see this as ‘leaving behind’ but as a ‘going to/growing towards’.

Is there a deadline?
Based on the intel we have right now, the matrix will be sustained in Europe till at least the end of 2010. That doesn’t mean the luxury level will go down. In a roller coaster speed (if you pay attention you already notice) the luxury stuff will disappear and shortly after that you will see basic stuff like electricity, gas, water and finally food become sporadic. First people are leaving in November 2009, but a real deadline is not appropriate, since we believe it is much more important to relocate by a balanced spiritual and emotional choice, rather than to leave in a hurry.

Anything missing? Just drop us a line.

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