“Where do we go, nobody knows”
We studied many locations and we found that there are very few that are suitable. The location we’re currently scouting is the region of Southern France and Northern Spain. Those lands are closest to where we live today, and are highly suitable for both pre- and post-2012 elements.

We agreed that the location is not that important. The most important  However, we do have a checklist for a good tribe starting location.

The checklist
Each spot has its own advantages and disadvantages. Important selection criteria for the spots are (in order of importance):

  • Distance from nuclear power plants (min 1000 km)
  • Height of above the current sea level. (min 0,5 > 2km)
  • Proximity of (renewable) a water supply
  • Distance from matrix folks (min 50km)
  • Availability of direct food
  • Availability of wood (unlimited would be nice)
  • Availability of other resources needed for construction of other buildings (sandstone, grind, …)
  • Risk of matrix folks going crazy (a.k.a. political stability in the region = absence of politics in the region)
  • Local climate & proximity to the equator (as close as possible)
  • Distance from tectonic borders (min 500km)
  • Distance from volcanoes (min 300-500km)
  • Number of mountain rigs an eventual tidal wave of 2km height will have to breach before it gets to our colony.
Anything missing? Just drop us a line.
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