Who are we?
We are human from Belgium and The Netherlands. We are spiritual but not religious. We are educated but we didn’t like our education. And we have driver licences, cars, phones, houses, a social security number and a laptop and we don’t mind throwing it away.

Some of us are anonymous as well. Because we all have day jobs and a matrix life to ‘defend’. But we are most of all one and impatient to meet other people.

The tribe today
The tribe consists of a few couples (some with children) aging between 2 to 60 years old. Each has it’s own talent, specific skills and different background. Some are quite skeptical towards the whole 2012 meme but follow ‘chance favors the prepared mind’. Others are ready to leave tomorrow. What is by far the most visible, although we all have different opinions and backgrounds, is that we all have our own ‘talent’ to contribute to the group.

Why are some people numbers?
Some people prefer to preserve their anonimity others disclose their real name. It’s a gotten-out-of-hand joke since the start of the idea. Because we are numbers in the matrix, it would be quite ironic and practical to give each tribe member a number to provide anonymity and to joke at the barcode life style of the matrix. So we did. Of course, these numbers are only used online and in electronic communication. That means we use each others name on every ‘in real life’ meeting. Please do note that the numbers are chosen by the human carrying the number, and by no means indicates an order of some kind.

Anything missing? Just drop us a line.

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