This world is changing at an increasingly faster speed. Most people are trapped in fear (New World Order, 2012 pole shift, economic collapse) and others in ignorance (“recovery is just around the corner”, “everything is going to be ok”, ..). The low-self-esteem part of the population choses to believe their religion, or anxiously tries to find answers in some of the many 2012 gurus. The other group went to college and university, have a day job and a family to take care of and choose not to see what’s right in front of their eyes. However there is a group in between. That’s us. That’s why we thought that in 2009 there should be place for reason and intuition and so we had a Dutch ‘2012 survival group’ before we knew it.

We know and – more importantly – we feel something huge is up. We listen to that feeling, and get prepared. We tried to find out what is to come, but there is a lot of smog and disinformation. So we started a tribe, a post 21st century tribe. We started to learn to live self sufficient again, and we started researching safe locations.

Why do we want to get away from here?
We are attracted to ‘somewhere else’. However there are some reasons why we think our current location wont be safe in the very near future. Our reasons in a nutshell:

  • Every so often a force from space influences our Sun enormously, causing Global Warming at first, only to spur a ‘The day after tomorrow” alike scenario some time later (global cataclysms and maybe mass mutations). Plenty of theories, Planet X and one Mayan calendar ending on October 28, 2011, foremost. The era 2010-2014 could well be the next one. Proof? No, never proof, but sure there are serious indications
  • The Mayan Calendar along with many other sources predict the dawn of the age of enlightenment (that’s why the age of ‘darkness’ [corruption/abuse/greed/male dominance] is breaking down right under your feet), we want to be a part of that in full nature.
  • Humans are overpopulating and – we didn’t knew it was possible either – overmanipulating each other. Especially our crowded Western Europe will become a famine XXL problem
  • Poison in our food is staggering. More and more Fluor in plain drinking water
  • We don’t want to work for some material luxury, instead we need free time to evolve our spiritual luxury
  • We totally do not want to work and to pollute nature against our will, just to have food and a roof above our head
  • Whatever the cause of ‘global warming’ is, again Western Europe is not where you want to be the coming year
  • We want no stress anymore
  • We want to be in touch with pure nature again
  • But most of all… we want to know… we really want to know…


Why most of the sheeple won’t do the same

  • The matrix offers them a ‘future’. An empty box where we all want to believe in. The values and certainties in the future are an illusion and they know it. But because they are in a total stress environment their mind is too blocked to try something else. This is literally the prison without bars. That’s why we don’t speak of leaving, quiting or going away, but of escaping.
  • They have fellow friends and family members they would miss. This sure is a human reaction, and noting bad or to be ashamed of. We will miss those good friends too, together with our mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters. Once one makes such a choice and they don’t, you are choosing your own path. They don’t follow you on that path, because their path is different. Like we said before: few people can or want to survive this.
  • They’re afraid of wild nature. Those crazy animals would eat them alive, and from behind this computer screen it seems almost impossible they would ever be able to even breathe in such an environment. That we come from this way of living, and that we as a colony of 20 to 30 people is perfectly capable of surviving as a tribe, even after civilized citizenship should not surprise. Just as we quite easily – and without too much resistance – accepted this ‘obey or die’ matrix, we are capable of adjusting ourselves to a new environment in just some hours.
  • They… really… every possible reason they want to give, is just an excuse for the real reason, which is point one. Their mind forbids them of escaping out of the prison without bars.That’s why we never argue with these people. Or it is your path, or it isn’t. You cannot convince someone of doing this, and that’s again a great thing. If they all would be like us, there would be no point in escaping, as they would follow us to the end of the world if they have to.

Anything missing? Just drop us a line.

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